Construction !Ready!

EFEC is setting its sight on preparing ex-offenders to fulfill another of our nation’s skills gaps. EFEC’s Construction !Ready! jobs training program will provide training and hands-on preparation for work in the construction field. By adopting a nationally recognized curriculum that supports certification coupled with practical experience in drywall hanging and finishing, Construction !Ready! will allow up to 12 ex-offenders to deliver productive services on the job site from day-1.  The training and exercises will provide skills and understanding of Construction Site safety, Construction math, hand and power tool use, reading and understanding construction drawings, basic workplace communications, Materials handling and other skills necessary to sustainable employment in the Construction trades.

Construction !Ready! will deliver skills through repetitive practice and projects in an actual work environment, enabling each trainee to develop a level of expertise.  Trainees will learn the value of good work habits and develop interpersonal skills that allow them to obtain and maintain stable employment and excel through mastery of the concept of teamwork.