Efforts From Ex-Convicts, Inc (EFEC) was founded in 1966 by a group of ex-convicts committed to lending each other support in the face of society’s rejection.  Led by two ex-offenders, Rev. Griffin S. Smith and Ralph ‘Petey’ Greene, the organization attracted ex-offenders who were desperately seeking a welcoming community upon their release from incarceration.  Recognizing the need to provide tools with which its members could rebuild their lives, EFEC creates Self-Help, Employment Training and Housing programs to equip and enable ex-offenders with the opportunity to begin his or her journey back to a productive life.

While EFEC steadily and faithfully interacts with individuals ex-offenders, the organization feels an abiding obligation to be advocates, to enlighten biased viewpoints regarding the problems which ex-offenders face upon release, and to change society’s negative and punishing attitude towards ex-offenders.  EFEC’s daily mission is to help ex-offenders receive a second chance to succeed, to be employed at a living wage, and to lead dignified and meaningful lives.